Jerk Spice was formed by two cousins who have a passion for cooking Caribbean food. The recipes were passed down from generation to generation originating in the district of St. Ann’s Bay Jamaica and came to the United Kingdom in the late 1950’s.  Our parents (brothers) continued the traditional cooking of their parents and kept the cuisine alive in their new homes in the United Kingdom. Many of their recipes remain at the core of Jerk Spice as their legacy lives on.

One of the brothers worked at many of London’s renowned restaurants during his time in the United Kingdom. He also had the opportunity to cook for the Royal Family, dignitaries, officials and celebrities using these same recipes on many occasions.    

As young kids growing up in the South London in the 1980s, we developed a passionate relationship with the food that would grow into becoming keen students, learning the traditional Jamaican cooking arts from our families and friends.